3 Days in Singapore is not enough. I don’t know if a month in Singapore would be enough. This could be the perfect city. So well planned and clean. The buildings so diverse in age and in design. It all merges together and creates an mesmerizing  atmosphere. So much energy passes through this city at all hours of the day. We found ourselves in hot tubs and pools above the city well past midnight. Those are the hours when the city cools down and visitors and residents emerge from their AirCon (air conditioning) spaces to spend time outside.

We spent the night at the Marina Bay. This could possibly be the most beautiful city hotel we have ever reserved. We then toured the city by foot and spent a bulk of our time at The Gardens by the Bay and the waterfront area. There is so much more to see. I hope that one day we will be back.

ps. we did NOT have a Singapore Sling. It’s just a gross drink. IMO.



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