For our 5th year anniversary we chartered a sail boat and sailed the British Virgin Islands. I had completed by Learn to Sail courses the previous Thanksgiving and I wanted to take a boat out as soon as I could. We were joined by (4) of our good friends for 7 days of sand, sea, and sun.

These trips are basically camping on water and in bathing suits. There are many stories that can be told. I am selecting something that is and example of what parents tell you not to do. Pick up hitchhikers. In this situation we didn’t really picker her up it was the other way around she picked us. We met her on day 3 wondering the Baths taking pictures. She was alone on vacation after a break-up. We hung out and we decided to meet her for dinner. 2 hours later roads sodas in hand we walked back to the boat and she joined us. She slept on the couch and the next day after picking up a night bag and some snorkeling gear she joined us on the boat for a day of snorkeling and grilling on the BBQ. I still laugh about this when I think back on it. I love the BVI’s and the openness of the locals and the visitors.

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