I used to got to yard sales when I was young. Growing up our small family did not have a lot of money, so when I was given $0.25 I was able to splurge and buy myself a book and 10 sour patch kids. One of the well used books I purchased was Anne of Green Gables. I read that book and I was instantly enamored with the red hair girl with freckles. I soon found out that Anne’s story continued and for the next couple of Easters my mother gave me books instead of candy. Almost 30 years later I am still fan of Anne of Avonlea.

The ‘Rents, Gerry, and I droved a ruby red Mazda 3 to Prince Edward Island and had an amazing 4 days. We visited the sea shores tip to tip, toured the big city of Charlottetown, and tasted local wines. We ate PEI muscles and bought PEI potatoes from the many self serve huts on the side of the road.

PEI is absolutely stunning.

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