The capital and the largest city in Portugal, Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world. It predates Rome, Paris, and London by centuries. The city is a blend of cobblestone streets, antique cable cars, and glass structures. There are very steep roads and in some areas there are public steel lifts that can take you to different levels of the city. At all hours of the day you will encounter live music in the many squares. In those same squares, you will find small shops and stands selling traditional Portuguese food, sweets, and fruits.

We loved the multiple generations of city dwellers within the diverse areas of the city. Depending on the neighborhood, you will find balconies with bright potted flowers, cloths lines crisscrossing the tight streets weighted down with colorful clothing, graffiti-ed wall both as planned art and vandalism, and shaded community parks full of seesaws, swings, and slides for the local children. By the waterfront, the streets are tree lined, clean, and modern. Here you will find a combination of contemporary buildings joined to century old structures. We explored theses area via an open air electric Tuk Tuk driven by a city local. We stopped at gardens, roman ruins, churches, and incredible above the city panoramic views. We concluded our visit on Rue Augusta a pedestrian only arabic pattern cobblestone street full of restaurants serving local dishes, refreshing drinks, and abundant people watching.

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