Ég elska Ísland

The Golden Circle. The beauty on this island is breathtaking. We had a few days here and I could have stayed for several weeks.

The lava (there is a lot of lava), the waterfalls, the Icelandic ponies, the sheep, the rainbows, the volcano craters and hidden crater lakes, the long roads sparsely dotted with little white houses and lone churches on the horizon. Finally The Blue Lagoon. The man made, lava rock pool full of the waste water from the geothermal plant truly is beautiful. Peaceful when you are having that in-water massage and painfully crowed in other areas is still well worth the visit.

In so many ways, this place is more beautiful than Hawaii.  The authenticity of this island took me by surprise. We have a thing about not repeating, but I would go back here if I had unlimited vacation time and funds.

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