I will never forget Thanksgiving 2009. This was the day that I was terminated from seven years of employment at my previous firm. It also happened to be Thanksgiving and I was about to spend the day in Greece.

I woke up had breakfast and turned on my World Blackberry. It was that pretty silver one that was highly coveted among young professionals. I checked a few emails, made a few calls back home and said Happy Thanksgiving to family. I then noticed that I had a new email from my companies leader. The email was short and sweet. It told me I was fired. Gerry read the email, looked at me and said “Your company just shut it’s doors, fired you, we are on day 10 of a 22 day vacation, and you are laughing. Are you insane?” He just stared at me. I walked out of the room went to a bar and had a mimosa. What else could I do?

Later that day, as I ate a turkey sandwich, on the steps of the Acropolis I made a mental plan. I would enjoy the next 12 days of the vacation and worry about getting a job later.  I made one final call on the soon to be dead World Blackberry, I signed up for Unemployment.


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