Whistler Blackcomb VIRGINS

On a Monday morning a friend by the name of Shannon said she had business in Seattle and she wanted to ski for a few days after her conference. She said you guys should come, we can meet up in Seattle, call your local friends, and drive up to BC. Well she did not have to ask twice. By noon that same day we had a condo directly across from the Blackcomb gondola, plane tickets, and we managed to convince Gerry’s sister Heather (H) and our bestie Drew to join us. The events that followed have never been forgotten. In short here is an abbreviated list:

  • Unidentified bag at airport that Shannon HAD to touch.
  • An SUV pretending to be a Mini Van. No. We can’t fit 5 people in that with skis!
  • Don’t drink absinthe it will make you puke.
  • Yelled to Shannon before she jumped of cliff “A man would do it!”
  • Speed walking in the snow while on absinthe.
  • Don’t order gin in a Japanese restaurant.
  • Rock N’ Roll is super fun.
  • Powder Days are AWESOME!

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